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Frequently Asked Questions

How much of my time does this take?

Typically, unless you have an article already prepared to be published, we would send you a short questionnaire that we would use to make an article about you. We then review the article with you for any issues and that's about it! You're always welcome to contact us anytime through the process.

How long does this typically take?

Different sites can make things go slower or faster, but in most cases you can be featured within a couple weeks. We'll periodically let you know the status of your order.

Why are there no prices on this website?

Different people and brands require different amounts of effort from us. It's hard to find an option that would suit everyone, so we've decided to treat each customer as a unique case.

What's your refund policy like?

If we don't deliver your order in the time we gave you, we'll give you your money back and will still publish the article. Otherwise, refunds can only be given before we start the process of either writing or publishing your article. After that process has begun you can no longer refund.

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