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Help others discover your brand

Get articles published at prominent online media sites.

Ascend Agency provides a trusted service.

With over a thousand people and brands already featured, we've amassed over a million in sales. With that we continue to grow improve our service, making sure your needs are met in a quick and reliable process.


We get articles published at popular websites to feature your brand, raising its popularity and presence.

Here's a few of the publications we offer where previous clients have been featured:

What does being featured in online publications do for me?

it can...

See an increase in your brand authority

Having your name out there in multiple publications helps create a doubtless authority for your brand. Increase the meaning that comes with your name.

Boost your rankings within search engines

Increase the flow of traffic to your brand by increasing your brand's visibility within the Google search engine. Having your name at the top of the search results helps get your name out there.

Increase your chances of becoming verified

Increasing your reputation with appearances in online publications greatly increases your chance to become verified on multiple social media platforms.


Every client has different goals. We pride ourselves with the transparency and communication we continue to give each client in order to get them exactly what they need in an efficient manner.

Here's the basic step-by-step rundown of what we usually do to get results:



We consult with you first, making sure we can deliver the results you desire and to help us learn more about your brand



We make an article about you that's suitable for top tier publications to feature



The article gets featured in publications gaining your brand extra traffic and recognition

It's really that simple! We make sure to keep you posted throughout the entire process and to review everything with you ensuring that it's to your liking. 

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